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Agency 48 
2016-02-24 14:17:59 - bidding ends!
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Diamond Rose "Diamond Rose" is a rom-com about an actress that is sent to a NM horse ranch to learn how to rope, shoot, and ride horses for an upcoming audition for a western and is confronted by 3 bachelor brothe...
2016-02-22 11:13:52 - bidding ends!
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Astro - Hollywood Sci-Fi Feature Film An internationa sci-fi action film Astro , seeking product placement and sponsorships from various companies and products with service or funding.
2016-02-05 02:40:43 - bidding ends!
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Product Integration For The Film, The Tournament The Tournament is feature film about a transitional day in the life of a young man from a gambler to a risk taker
2016-01-25 03:11:06 - bidding ends!
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Somewhat Damaged Jake lives in hallucinatory nightmare haunted by evil in order to stay with his ex-girlfriend who committed suicide while running out of time to save her and himself.
2015-12-23 21:37:45 - bidding ends!
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Screenplay Adaptation-The Glass House "The Glass House" is a psychological thriller based on the new novel written by Neils Williams. We are open to all products including; Zippo, Jeep, Pepsi, Lexus, Skype, Rolex, and Apple just to name a...
2015-02-06 20:30:49 - bidding ends!
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Addictions We will incorporate your product into the story line and display it in a clear and prominent way that is appealing to your consumer. This film addresses how personal connections have evolved in modern...
2015-01-02 08:44:54 - bidding ends!
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In Sheep's Clothing Generation Courage film's is seeking companies to invest in our upcoming feature length independent film
2014-10-07 15:33:49 - bidding ends!
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ESCORTS Series ESCORTS is a dark comedy that follows Jay Miller, a collegiate amateur “escort service” business owner who, in order to cover up the death of one of his escorts, is forced to cede equity to a filt...
2014-07-10 12:23:13 - bidding ends!
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What Goes Up... Lee is a struggling games developer. Attracted to a girl on the fourth floor, but too shy and awkward to make an advance, Lee resigns to just exchanging smiles with Sarah in an elevator. When a cube a...
2013-05-07 07:13:54 - bidding ends!
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CNG Truck for the right movie My client is seeking product placement opportunities for their CNG fuel system in place on Ford F250, all the way to big rig trucks. If a project seems like a good fit a vehicle can be released to the...
2013-02-22 17:53:17 - bidding ends!
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Kids Party 
2012-03-01 02:30:45 - bidding ends!
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Four Seasons Hotel - Film At One of Our 78 hotels in 32 countrie We can provide Funds for film completion and post production. Also hotel stays for cast and crew with subsequent stays at possible Venice, Cannes, Sundance or Golden Globe award ceremonies at one of o...
2009-01-29 23:07:50 - bidding ends!
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coca cola Will provide for cast and crew catering, beverages. As well as complettion, post production funding for well scripted TV show or indie film.
2009-01-29 22:02:53 - bidding ends!
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STARBUCKS Will provide funds for completion of a well scripted film or TV show. And ofcourse Free Coffee for the entire crew! Just name your grande, tal, mocha, hazel, whipped, brazilian preferences.
2009-01-29 21:57:16 - bidding ends!
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Google Product Plug Will provide funds in cash or complete crew arrangements if the budget is reasonable. Just don't be evil!
2009-01-29 20:59:52 - bidding ends!
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2009-01-29 20:49:29 - bidding ends!
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Rolex Omega Will provide for funds, crew equipment, and limited editions for director and assistant directors.
2009-01-29 20:37:58 - bidding ends!
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Marlboro Special Edition Silver Box we can: 1. pay for your film
2009-01-29 20:26:32 - bidding ends!
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ZIPPO LIGHTERS We're willing to provide a significant sum of money for the product placement. There could be no intergration in the s toryline though due to the nature of the product. Filmmakers or TV show producers...
2009-01-29 20:09:14 - bidding ends!
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